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About The Conference

iGlobal Forum was pleased to host the upcoming Co-Investment Dealmakers Meeting, which took place in New York on October 17th 2018. The wave of co-investment continues to sweep across the institutional real estate industry. This one-day meeting will outline the opportunities for co-investing for both LPs and GPs. LPs are searching for lower costs and additional transparency, while GPs are using co-investments as a way to increase deal flow and attempting to target larger investments. Co-investment remains a smarter way to invest by spreading risk in multiple property types and locations. The Co-Investment Dealmakers Meeting brought together tools, data, community and experts to help make investment decisions. Topics addressed included how to overcome short time frames for valuations, due diligence, governance, tax, rights, and other issues. Attendees had the opportunity to learn how a robust co-investment strategy will diversify access to the property market by lowering barriers to entry.

Key Topics Covered

  • Understanding the drivers and players of co-investing
  • Macroeconomic developments pushing the trend of co-investing forward
  • Avoiding errors and practicing thorough due diligence in co-investment while complying with the shortened timelines
  • The importance of building relationships and connections in getting involved in co-investments
  • How to effectively negotiate mutually beneficial terms for the best outcome
  • Understanding the changes in the regulatory environment, and staying up to date with compliance and transparency requirements by the SEC
  • How the direct investing environment is having an impact on private equity
  • Find the best opportunities for you in alternative co-investment strategies and structures

Network With Leading

  • Limited Partners
  • Institutional Investors
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Mezzanine Lenders
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Operating Partners
  • Investment bankers
  • Law firms
  • Research and Advisory Firms



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