October 20th, 2016 at 8:00 am

 Live Virtual Experience

About The Conference

iGlobal Forum was pleased to host our inaugural Summit on Financing & Investing in Single Family Rentals on October 20th in New York City. Multiple demographic and economic factors have converged to fuel unprecedented demand for single family rental homes, and the supply of these homes rose dramatically during the recession as opportunistic institutional investors bought foreclosed homes in bulk and converted them into rental properties. But with the diminished supply of distressed homes and the return on rentals shrinking, the single family rental industry is at a crossroads. Increased competition and consolidation are motivating savvy investors to move into attractively priced new markets, and to explore higher margin opportunities in affiliated sectors such as senior care homes and student housing. At iGlobal’s Financing & Investing in Single Family Rentals Summit, we found out what’s next for the single family rental sector, and heard about the most promising new niches and markets while meeting and networking with senior-level real estate investors, owners & operators, property managers, developers, lenders, and private equity players in this space.

Key Topics Covered

  • Single Family Rentals—Temporary Trend or Permanent Shift in Dwelling Dynamics?
  • Buy vs. Rent—Update on Home Ownership and the American Dream
  • Finding, Fixing, Flipping, and Feeding the Single-Family Rental Food Chain
  • From Main Street to Wall Street: Financing & Securitizing Single Family Rentals
  • Risks & Rewards of Residential Mortgage Notes
  • Established & Emerging Hotspots for Single Family Rentals
  • Keeping Costs Low, Low, Low Across the Entire SFR Lifecycle
  • Investing in Alternative SFR Sectors: Senior Care Homes, Student Housing and Vacation Rentals

Network With Leading

  • Single Family Rental Owners & Operators
  • Real Estate Investors & REITs
  • Real Estate Private Equity & Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Single Family Rental Aggregators & Portfolio Investors
  • Single Family Property Managers & Homebuilders
  • Institutional & Fixed Income Investors
  • Senior & Student Housing Investors
  • Fix & Flippers and Residential Note Buyers
  • Commercial & Investment Bankers
  • Hedge Funds & Nonbank Lenders