October 13th, 2015 at 8:00 am


About The Conference

 iGlobal Forum was pleased to announce the inaugural event series, Tech Reboot 3.0: Transforming Commercial Real Estate! The Summit took in New York on October 13th, and gave ndustry experts the opportunity to discuss how commercial real estate is developing with the advent of new technologies. The commercial real estate sector has been one of the biggest industries to hold out on improving productivity and efficiency by embracing new technologies, and as a result has missed huge opportunities in the market. Webrought together the investors, software developers, and the real estate end-users to talk about how these developments can create a brand new marketplace, and develop real improvements on closing more deals in a shorter amount of time. The digital world has redefined fundraising efforts, means of communication, and the immediacy of information, directly affecting how a traditional industry is entering in to the new age. We discovered how these new technologies are about to permanently change the sector as a whole, stay competitive with these new developments, and engage in discussion with the investors and senior level industry leaders who are leading the reconstruction.

Key Topics Covered 

  • Improve your efficiency in the market with new developments in data analytics, overcoming security concerns, and the cloud
  • Brick and mortar vs. e-commerce: how tech has changed retail real estate needs, and how to use the market changes to your advantage
  • Learn the changing demands in workplace design, and what do look for in new developments
  • Using digital fundraising to your own advantage - learn how crowdfunding is reshaping the marketplace
  • Utilize new developments in green and sustainability focused construction to get the best financial return on your investment
  • Find new opportunities worldwide by exploring the expansion into a new, global marketplace
  • Maneuver upcoming regulatory changes in response to new technologies affecting the market

Network With Leading

  • Venture Capitalists
  • Private Equity Firms
  • REITs
  • Family Offices
  • Senior Lenders
  • Asset Managers
  • Owners and Operators
  • Software Developers
  • Energy and Sustainability Planners
  • Architects and Developers

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