March 5th, 2014 at 8:00 am

 Live Virtual Experience

About The Conference

iGlobal Forum was pleased to host the anniversary edition of the flagship series, the 10th Real Estate Private Equity Summit in New York on March 5th, 2014.  As the economy continues to move out of the global financial crisis, returns in the real estate private equity space have been strong and investors are looking at various emerging investment classes.  The Summit examined where the value lies in the market today, and which strategies will best generate the level of risk-adjusted returns demanded by LPs.  This senior-level forum was once again the premier platform to unite and network face-to-face with Corporate & Public Pension Plans, Insurance Companies, Private Equity Real Estate Firms, R.E.I.T’s, Real Estate Venture Capitalists, Investment Banks, Distressed Debt Firms and Investors, Hedge Funds, Real Estate Asset Management Firms, and Commercial Real Estate Executives & Advisors.

Key Topics Covered

  • Hear the Key Industry Trends Impacting Real Estate Investment Strategies
  • Forecasting the Hottest Investment Trends & Sectors for 2014
  • New Insights into Investors’ appetite for real estate private equity – how are LPs selecting managers, and which strategies and regions are they prioritizing?
  • Generating Returns from Overseas Real Estate Markets: which overseas regions will see the most growth in 2014, and what trends will drive the growth?
  • Examining the Latest Developments in the Lending Market
  • The Potential of Emerging Investment Classes Including: Single-family Housing, Industrial and Niche Housing Sectors

Network With Leading

  • Real Estate Private Equity Firms 
  • Corporate & Public Pension Plans 
  • Endowments & Foundations
  • Family Offices & High-net worth Investors
  • Insurance Companies 
  • Investment Banks 
  • Distressed Debt Firms and Investors
  • Real Estate Asset Management Firms 
  • Real Estate Developers, Owners & Consultants