November 28th, 2011 at 8:00 am


About The Conference

As the Securitization sector continues to recover, greater in-depth analysis is needed to keep up with the sweeping changes. The forum will focus on the ongoing regulatory reforms affecting the Securitization field, and gave attendees the opportunity to hear from the top investors, issuers and regulators in the field. The panelists explored the ramifications of the latest regulatory developments, and evaluated the market performance of the different asset-classes, such as RMBS, CMBS and ABS. Securitization is a vital capital market tool, and it directly correlates with the 2008 financial crisis, as well as the ongoing recovery process in the global economy. Regulatory reforms are forcing issuers and investors to keep interpreting the new rules, understanding their implications, and adapting to the changes. As the different Securitization sectors build towards revival, constant discussion between the industry professionals is needed to ensure there is a concrete plan of recovery being followed.  The conference provided a platform for important discussion and networking between professionals from Investment Banks, Financial Services Companies, Law Firms, Rating Agency Analysts, Pension Funds, Insurance Firms, Analytics Firms, Technology Platform Providers, Loan Companies and more.

Key Topics Covered

  • How Securitization Shapes the Financial Markets
  • Implications of Basel III and the Dodd Frank-Act 
  • Identifying the Full Scope of the Financial Reforms
  • Outlook at the Key Factors Shaping the Housing Market
  • Credit Risk Retention and what changes it will bring to the field
  • Evaluating the Current State of the RMBS Sector
  • How ABS are Responding to the Regulations?
  • The Revival and Continued Growth of the CMBS sector 
  • Analytics Innovations in the Securitization field
  • Viable solutions between Rule-makers and Financial Professionals

Network With Leading

  • Regulators
  • Fixed Income Investors
  • Underwriters/Structurers
  • Rating Agency Analysts
  • Trustees and Servicers
  • Technology Platform Providers
  • Analytics Firms

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